Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 184: Homecoming

If you make a comment on my blog it will take a little while for it to appear. I added comment moderation because of all the spam comments I have been getting lately. Therefore, I have to get an email and click a link before your comment will show up. Hopefully the spammers will then move on. I know who cares right, I should let it go but it feel like clutter in my house.

Speaking of my house. The oil is here, it washes ashore here at my house. To answer your questions, if I feel sick I will leave immediately. I wont be staying if we feel at all sick at any time. I am only willing to wait and see because I am hoping that we are safe. So far the smell is not here and there is only clumps of chocolate mousse looking globs washing up on the shore. The Governor of Mississippi says that the stuff along the coast of Mississippi is not toxic. He actually said that. He thinks he is going to run for president too. He also said don't touch it let the professionals clean it up.

I don't think that I would be able to rent my house for the amount of my mortgage or even close to that amount. A few of my military friends in my neighborhood are renters and the current rates are much lower than my mortgage for a much bigger house with a pool. I was also a property manager for a friend of mine who couldn't sell his home here and that was not a lot of fun. Renting is hard, sometimes people suck. As soon as Jeff gets home we are going to go and get some training and start volunteering. That will probably help us to feel a lot better. On the news it is showing thousands of workers here from BP to help with the clean up (not local people) and hundreds of boats. I will go down to the beach and let you know if I see anyone. Reporting live from the gulf. ha ha. I told Jeff I should make some sandwiches and set up a stand. Maybe fill if full of that "safe" shrimp. Speaking of which I am all talk, when push comes to shove I ate the shrimp and it was good.

Yesterday morning I got an email from Jeff saying when he is arriving home. I don't think I am allowed to give out that information on the internet but the date is sooner than I thought and I just started to cry and cry. I couldn't help it. So funny. Lily was asking me, why are you crying mommy? I told her when Jeff is coming home. She gave me an odd look and said that it looked like I got coffee all over my face. You see I was still wearing makeup, lots of makeup and the tears mixed with it and it was a mess. Too funny. I haven't been wearing makeup a whole lot lately. I am still trying to figure out how to incorporate going to the gym into my life along with looking pretty. So far it isn't working. I go to the gym and then run a bunch of errands in no makeup and sweaty. Then I come home and take a nice hot shower and since I am not planning on going out of the house again I put on some comfortable clothes and no makeup and hang out with Lily. So if you see me and I look rough, sorry.

The reason for all the makeup was that a friend of mine invited me out for a girl's night. I spent all day dolling myself up. My friends are the high maintenance, 10 years younger, pretty as a super model types. I have been noticing all my friends lately are of this variety, what is up with that? We have a lot in common and have a lot of fun together. Perhaps I am just 10 years less mature than my physical age. ha ha. At the end of the school year we all went to lunch. The last week of school, because our free time was about to be up for the summer. I told them that I really wanted us to all go out dancing. One of my friends took me seriously. It was her birthday and she said let's go and we went. The last time I went out dancing was over 20 years ago. Even then I only went a few times, less than 10 in my entire life.

I was a little nervous. It was my idea and then I was thinking what was I thinking. So I spent the entire say getting ready. That was fun. We ended up going out to dinner at a fancy restaurant in one of the casinos and then dancing in another casino. It was a lot different than the dives I went to as a kid. Very fancy. We had a bast and I didn't get home until nearly 3 am. I sent Jeff a long email telling him all about my night and we was telling people, my wife just got home at 3 am. It is funny because I am almost always asleep by 9pm and not known for being the wild and crazy type. I have to say it was a lot of fun though. I am glad I went. I recommend you go out dancing one in awhile. I am hoping to convince Jeff to start doing this as well. He hates going dancing or clubbing or whatever your generation calls it. It is different when you aren't there to try and make a hookup. When you have no interest in the boys other than for their entertainment value. We were a bunch of happily married ladies out for fun. But, not that kind of fun. The place was packed too. The folks here on the Mississippi sure know how to have a good time.

I am actually going to try to talk my family into changing our vacation from Georgia to here. Have a stay cation. Spend our money on the Coast where it is needed. We shall see how that flies I am sure they will out vote me.

Speaking of that kind of fun. Yeah!!! I better go clean the house. Because Daddy is coming home. I can't believe it.


luckyzmom said...

I remember what a happy scary time it is just before they come home and am smiling for you!

Jennifer said...

There is so much I love about this post. But nothing so much as knowing ya'll will be a reunited happy family again very very soon!