Thursday, July 08, 2010

Jeff is Home

Thursday Thirteen:

  1. Jeff got home on Sunday, July 4th. Which means that on the day he left I estimated he would be gone 190 days and he came home on day 190. He was scheduled to come home on Saturday. I got a call on Friday saying that he was delayed. I didn't hear from him again until Sunday and that was a long Saturday not knowing, when he would get home or where he was.
  2. Having Jeff home is wonderful. I forgot how much I like him. I know that sounds predictable and whatever. He is nice to have around.
  3. I really want to watch General Hospital but Lily is sitting in here reading a book. I would feel bad turning on the tv. Who taught that girl how to read?
  4. I thought it would be an adjustment to have Jeff home, as we were paying the parking lot fee at the airport I noticed that it felt like he had never been away. The girls didn't have to adjust either. He has always had magical Jeff powers that make me happy and feel peaceful. I have never been able to be mad at him in person either. Weird.
  5. Jeff's first day home he fixed a million things around that house that had vexed me for months, he sat and listened to Lily and played with her with as much love and affection as I have for her, he took the time to make sure Mandy felt loved and included even when she was being teenagery. I don't know how he does all those things. It was a relief of a stress that I had for so long I forgot I even had that stress to have my partner who loves and cares about all the things I love and care about, we have the same goals and the same priorities and two people working toward whatever it is we are working toward is nice. Felt like I had been pushing this boulder up a hill forever and now I have a big strong man standing beside me pushing too. Plus, he is always making me laugh along the way. All that happened day one. Yeah, now I know why I had such a hard time when he first left. Now I am really done gushing about how much I love my husband and how glad I am that he is home. Yeah, Jeff. But, just know that is more amazing than I can say or even comprehend.
  6. So Jeff is on leave until August. That is a lot of time to spend with someone 24/7. Maybe by August I wont like him so much.
  7. Lily finally learned how to really swim. She has been going to swim lessons all summer every summer since she was three. She has never been afraid of the water. She has always been able to surface, tread water, doggy paddle to the side. But, now she honest to goodness swims and you can tell what stroke she is doing. So yeah, Lily.
  8. I haven't really blogged a lot lately. Lily has grown up a lot. When I started this blog she was a headstrong difficult child who had food allergies and a receptive language delay and a bad case of the scream all day. Doesn't seem like the child living with me now is even the same person. I don't know if she grew out of it or if school worked its magic but Lily is a really upbeat sweet girl. Her first grade teacher said that Lily is the definition of blissful. Wrote on her report card that Lily was so sweet and happy everyday that it made coming to school each day a joy. Even at the day care center at the gym they asked me if she is always this happy. She is also really well behaved. She likes to follow the rules and the schedule. It is nearly impossible to be around Lily and not be happy. She loves life. Whatever it was in her early years that drove her to fight every single rule and cry at the drop of a hat for every single thing, went away. She still gets frustrated by things, maybe more so than other people, but she has learned to let it go and focus on the good.
  9. Mandy is doing really well too. She doesn't talk to me a lot though. She is doing excellent in college. She is driving her own car, that she bought, paying her own insurance and cell phone bill, she pays for some of her college and some of her personal expenses. She got promoted to a Customer Service Lead at work. She is respected and loved there. She never missed a day of school or work. She tells me where she is and when she will be home so I don't worry. She doesn't get upset if I text her, are you ok? When I don't know where she is. She babysits for me all the time. Especially while Jeff was gone. But, some days wow she is teenagery.
  10. Lily is having a birthday party this year at the Y swimming pool. We made a list of all the friends she wanted to invite and I had to write out all the invitations and then find addresses for all those kids. A couple of the girls I didn't have an address for but I had an email for their moms. I sent an email with details of the party and asked for their mailing address so I could send them an invitation. One of the moms told me they could come to the party, but she didn't send me her address. Lily looks at that envelope everyday and it just bothers her. I tell her, they are coming they know about the party. But, still we wrote out an invitation, put it in an envelope and she wants so badly to mail it. It is funny. She has decided to keep it as a souvenir. Today, I said, do you just want me to call Gracie's mom and ask for her address so we can put it in the mail? Lily thought and said no, I can just keep it. Funny, but true, the other mom sent me a reply to my email including her address but telling me they cannot come. I thought that was odd too. Like why do you want an invitation if you know you can't come? Maybe she understands the concept of having written an invitation and just needing to mail the darn thing so you don't have to look at it anymore.
  11. One time during a particularly difficult week during Jeff's deployment those same two moms drove me so crazy I sent them scathing emails and then ignored them for the rest of t-ball. Didn't even say hello or acknowledge them at all so I am surprised that they are willing to consider coming to Lily's party. These two were the moms at t-ball who thought everything the coach did was wrong. They decided that they were going to hold some extra practices because the coach wasn't having practices after we started playing games we just went to games and the girls didn't really understand what was expected of them. But, it is tball afterall. So they sent out the emails, come to an extra practice at this time and place. The first time it was only the three of us. The next schedule extra practice happened to be at the same time as the practice for the girls who wanted to be a part of the tournament tball. All three of us signed up our girls along with some of the girls for all the other teams and we were to have a different coach and start playing tournament tball. When I didn't hear for the new coach about the practice I asked the two moms if we were still planning on having the extra practice for our team at that day and time if there is no tournament practice and they said yes. A half an hour later I got a call from the tournament tball coach saying that practice was canceled. I had a PTO meeting, I was secretary and had to go so I asked Mandy to take Lily. I had actually asked Mandy to take that day off from work to take Lily. No one else showed. They said, well when the tournament practice was cancelled we just assumed it was all cancelled. So I was not very nice in the email I sent or for the rest of the season. I think the problem was that I was trying to do too much and be too perfect and that I tended to over react to things that annoyed me while I was under so much pressure. Anyways it is interesting if they come to the party. Lily loves the girls and she wanted to invite them. She has no idea that her mom is a crazy woman who sends nasty emails to her friend's moms.
  12. While Jeff was gone I feel like I discovered a bit of myself that was missing. Friends. I have such a great husband who is my very best friend that I tend to not make a lot of effort with other friends. The girls and Jeff are a lot of work and who has time for friends? Well making an effort has really paid off. I love having girl friends. I like having a bit of a life outside of the family life.
  13. The oil is here but not a lot of it. There were a few blobs that washed up and they were removed. I don't currently smell anything. It appears that there is a large effort to get it cleaned up before anymore reaches the shores. So far what has washed up is less than a gallon, at least as far as what I have personally seen with my own eyes. Of course there is oil washing up from Florida to Texas and my little beach is somewhere in the middle. We are also protected by barrier islands here along the Mississippi coast. I am not sure of what is out there or how far away it is. The water I see along our shores currently looks like water and the air smells like air. I see birds that don't appear to be covered in oil. We continue to wait and see.


meno said...

welcome home to Jeff!

Friends are the best thing to have. I have just a few, but i like them.

patrice said...

Lovely post.
So filled with gratitude and celebration!

luckyzmom said...

Thanks to Jeff for his service. I remember how great it is to have them back.

Great to hear an update. I posted a few days ago also.

Ellie Hamilton said...

Wow, what a lot of catching up!!! Welcome home and deep gratitude to Jeff, and to you for supporting him by holding up the home front, and congratulations to the girls on their achievements!

Katya said...

I'm glad to hear that Jeff is home.

I've not gone to the beaches in Alabama as I'm afraid I will just cry.