Monday, January 14, 2008

Rude Texting

Not long ago I offered to drive a young lady and her two small children around town in order to buy a new car. She worked in Jeff's office (Air Force). Jeff was busy that day, I can't remember what he was doing. Her sponsor, a person assigned to help you out when you are reasigned to a new base, was also busy. I drove her around for more than two hours. The entire time she did not speak to me except to answer direct questions. Otherwise she was texting.

I felt rather unapreciated. I believe in Karma and in the military we move a lot and depend on the kindness of others. It was my turn to be kind. Many have been kind to me. But, she didn't even have a polite conversation with me. I wonder what her mom would say. My husband is her boss's boss so perhaps she just didn't know what to say. Two hours sitting next to me in a car going from one used car lot to the next and she did not have a thing to say to me. She was very young, closer to Mandy's age (16) than mine (38). Have you ever experienced this phenomenia? Busy Mom's post, Teen Texting Time inspired this post.

I wonder if Mandy is ever this rude. She also has unlimited text messaging. She doesn't tend to talk to me while we are driving in the car. She does tend to text her friends while I am driving her to work, or to the movies. I wonder why this never struck me as rude. Maybe we need to have a conversation.


meno said...

I have had to make rules for my daughter about when text messaging is not okay with me.

Meals, in the grocery store, in the car with me.

There's a whole generation though that will think that there's nothing wrong with it, anywhere.

Lorelei said...

I prefer "listening" to texting as opposed to an actual phone call between teenagers.

Marshamlow said...

meno: I haven't made any rules yet, guess I will have to think about it.

Lorelei: Well said.

luckyzmom said...

I think this was probably a case of rank shyness and intimidation which I can remember experiencing myself as well as in others as my husband rose in rank. Nevertheless the texting was rude. It has become so acceptable now, though,rudeness, with the advent of cell phones. I think meno has the right idea.

mamadaisy said...

wow, do i ever have an opinion on this -- thank you for letting me air it!

i don't know about teenagers, but my 42 year old husband doesn't have the sense to put down his iphone when he is talking to someone, even at work. he doesn't use it for texting, but it has unlimited web access, so he checks his stocks, mail, the news, etc.

when we are having a conversation, i tell him IT IS VERY RUDE TO DO THAT WHILE YOU ARE TALKING TO ME. i am amazed that i have to say this to him at all. he is not allowed to use it while in the car with me or on lunch dates or any time i am trying to get his attention.

i think it's ok to say nicely, excuse me, but that's very rude -- would you stop please?

Sheila said...

I've been left behind with this texting but it is rude to talk on cell phones or otherwise not give full attention to people when you are with them unless there's a real emergency or urgent matter.

Lynn said...

Regardless of how shy this woman might have been, or how intimidated she might have been...being with the bosses, bosses wife...she does not get a pass on common decency. Her texting, while you were doing her a favor was just plain rude.

That being said, I have blocked texting on our cell phones.

Dixie said...

In that situation, the endless texting is rude. She was treating you like some sort of hired driver!

Laura said...

We are/were rotten parents, the very worst we were told, because we turned off te text ability on our phones. I think that was very rude of that woman, especially when you had given so much of your time to her.

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